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Kashan, An Overlooked Gem of Persia

General Information

Kashan is an old and beautiful city in Iran which is located 220 km away from the south Tehran. The city is located between the Karkas mountains and the central desert of Iran which has a dry and hot weather. Despite of dry weather, the smell of rose flowers are all around the city. Kashan is known as ‘the city of believers’ (Dar-al-momenin). Kashan is the cradle of Iranian civilization and culture.

Some believes that Kashan taken from the "Kay Ashiyans" means the position of the rulers, and another group considers Kashan as the summer houses made with wood and straw.

others think that the name of the city comes from ‘Kashi’ (meaning ‘tile’) because of making great quality tiles there. Finally, some think that the name comes from ‘kasian’ which is a name for a tribe who were living there and during years the name has been changed to ‘Kashan’.

Kashan population is 304487 which is 97 percent of the population of the whole Kashan province. People of kashan talk Persian with a kashanian accent, and the oldest document shows that the city was Shiaa from the early years.

The city is known as the city of historical houses, the house of Tabatabaei is located there which is called the bride of the Iranian houses.

In Kashan and around it, we can see different ceremonies, each of which is rooted and performed for a particular reason. One of the cultural characteristics of the people of Kashan is the importance of religious occasions for them. From its magnificent events, they can be celebrated in the form of rose-making, gulab-e-Golakhani, palm trees, as well as a carpet washing ceremony, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage.


According to the geographical situation of the Kashan, its inclined to be dry and warm and overall, the best season to visit the city is from the beginning of Farvardin up to the mid Khordad (with an average 22 C) and from the beginning of Mehr up to the beginning of the Aban (with an average temperature of 20 C). in This time people hold the rosewater ceremony so you can visit the ceremony as well.

The average temperature of the city is 26 C with the lowest degree of 12 C. this city has hot summers and cold winters as it’s a dessert city. The beginning of the Tir and the middle of Mordad is the warmest time in the city when the temperature reaches up to 33 degrees. With a minimum and maximum of 25 and 41 degrees respectively. The coldest time of the city is from the late Dey up to middle of Esfand with an average temp of 5 degrees with a min and max of 0-10 degrees respectively.

City Center

The historical places of the city are located between Kamal-ol molk square and the BabaAfzal avenue which can be easily accessed through the old market of Kashan and the traditional houses around as well as main mosque of Kashan and the traditional places.


Airport: This airport is located 12 km away from the old road of Natanz. The flights are just to the Holy Mashhad and there are some formal flights to Tehran and vice versa.

Railway: Kashan is connected to the main lines of Iranian railway system via its railway and in the main line from the north to the south and east to the west is considered to be one of the most important one in the whole country. All the trains are passing from Tehran to Bandar Abbas, Tehran to Shiraz, Tehran -Yazd, Kashan -Mashhad in this station. The Kashan’s railway station is located in Ayatollah yasrebi avenue in Mulla Sadra boulevard.

Terminal: Many of the transportation companies in the country have an office in kashan’s terminal so you can get your ticket there and move to the station.
Different companies support trips to Amol, Arak, Orumie, Isfahan, Andimeshk, Ahvaz, Babol, Anzali, Tabriz, Tehran, Khoran Abad, Rasht, Zanjan, Sari, Shiraz, Ghazvin, Ghom, Lahojan, Gilan, Mashhad, Malayer, Nahavand, Hamedan, Karaj, Kermanshah, Gorgan and vice versa. 

Bus: Transporting with a bus is the best way to move inside the city easily which is safe form the traffic jams inside the streets. The buses have access to all parts of the city containing Phase 1 Naji City, Ravand, Basij Square and to 15 khordad which is the main station there.

Taxi: In the Kashan all the streets have taxi services which are designed for the passenger’s safety and they are supervised by the Taxi driving organization in the country.


Sister city

Omea in Sweden.



Charming of Persia
Charming of Persia
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